Day 9: “The Speak” podcast


The Speak, a student run podcast of Conestoga’s student newspaper, The Spoke, has prepared its first edition highlighting the importance of journalism and the exciting careers journalists embark on. Reporters Ben Shapiro, Abbie Preston, Maya Shah and Shreya Vaidhyanathan interview accomplished journalists, whose careers have led them to investigate fascinating cases and write compelling stories for the public. The first guest speaker, former Spoke editor-in-chief Avery Maslowsky, a current journalism student at the University of Missouri, took her experience from The Spoke to investigate many interesting cases, such as the state of Missouri’s fight for Coroner reform. The second guest speaker, former teacher Jerod Dabney, an associate producer of NBC Nightly News, has worked behind the scenes on many news stations and explains the excitement of behind-the-scenes journalism. Geoffrey Harris, a weekend anchor and data reporter for an ABC affiliate station, says that journalism has led him to meet important figures, most notably Michael Jordan. Lastly, former editor-in-chief Meghan Morris, writes tech features and investigates at Business Insider. She emphasizes the importance of the freedom of press and how she investigated the federal government’s cover-ups on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking crimes. To hear more about these inspirational journalists and their exciting stories, check out the podcast down below.