The Spork: ANEU Café


Hiba Samdani/The SPOKE

Small delights: The Strawberry and Cream Smoothie and Vanilla Frilla Coffee are placed next to a sugar cookie. The drinks and cookies were made from scratch.

By Hiba Samdani, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Located on Lancaster Avenue, Aneu seemingly blends in with other local stores surrounding the area. However, upon entering this café, the vast array of options presents so much more: It is a dessert parlor with a diverse assortment of ice cream, a juicery with fresh-pressed drinks and a catering hub that provides pre-packaged meals for families. Yet, most importantly and impressively, it is a modern marketplace that seamlessly incorporates fresh and natural ingredients to make comfort food taste and feel healthy.

The café boasts an extensive menu, offering a variety of smoothies, fresh pressed juices and other beverages options. The strawberries and cream smoothie is a good first-choice, as it contains a combination of strawberries, banana, yogurt and skim milk. The smoothie is blended to the perfect consistency and filled with natural flavors. Priced at $9.95, the drink comes in 16-ounce portions, but it is well worth the cost. While the drink is heavy on yogurt, the savory taste serves as a good mechanism to offset the sweetness from the fruits.

The Daily Elixir offers a light and unique refreshment for $4.35 for a medium size and $4.85 for a large. The ginger, lemon and honey combination gave an immediate awakening feeling followed by an herbal aftertaste. For those looking for an unusual and tangy beverage, the Daily Elixir offers the opportunity to try something new.

Yet the drinks aren’t the only reason to stop by Aneu. The café has a plethora of options, ranging from grab-and-go meals to sweet treats. Many of the menu items are rotated seasonally, ensuring new surprises throughout the year. From the bakery, the sugar cookie has a soft and buttery center, with added texture from the appropriately themed Halloween sprinkles. The glazed icing adds a finishing touch, nicely topping off the cookie with a sweet layer.

The marketplace showcases a variety of fresh salads and delicious quiches that make for a quick and healthy lunch. The pesto pasta salad is rich and soft, as the noodles are cooked to perfection. Served cold, the pasta provides a burst of bold flavors, but light enough to have you coming back for seconds. The addition of tomatoes and peas adds a slight sweetness that elevated the flavor of the pasta.

Overall, Aneu is the perfect location for anyone going out to eat. Whether it’s a grab-and-go dish or a deliciously crafted meal, the café has a menu-option for every meal of the day. Next time seniors leave on their 30-minute lunch break, they should consider stopping by Aneu for a refreshing treat.

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