Celebrating Lunar New Year at Conestoga


Brief by Tanisha Agrawal, Staff Reporter

Photos by George Zhang, Photography Editor

Throughout the past week, the Asian American Cultural Club, AACC, celebrated the Lunar New Year to share Asian culture with the community. A variety of festivities were held, all of which were planned and executed by the members. 

A lion dance was held on Jan. 20, where AACC students held a procession throughout the school. It involved the dragon dance, percussion, a myriad of costumes and various performances. The celebration was greeted by much enthusiasm from students who spectated the whole parade.

On Jan. 24, the club invited students to a potluck that was aimed to celebrate Asian food. This year, the club decided to involve family members in planning and deciding activities. Dumplings, kimchi bacon fried rice, scallion pancakes, spring rolls, yakult drinks, teriyaki chicken wings, the dessert che and sesame noodles were offered.

Alongside these major events, the library bookcase was decorated and posters were pasted throughout the school.

Club president Shine Li shared, “We want our school to notice that a lot of the student population celebrates this (Lunar New Year) festival. By doing this we hope they can go back to their culture and despite being in a different country, feel safe at home.”

Check out some photos from the lion dance below.

Lunar New Year 2023

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