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Obama visits Philadelphia to encourage voting


Story by Tiffany He, Co-T/E Life Editor 

Video by Avery Maslowsky, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the November midterm elections draw closer, former President Barack Obama traveled to the Dell Music Center in Fairmount Park last Friday night to garner support for Democrats like Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf and others. However, transcending party boundaries and conflicts, Obama had one overwhelming request to all Pennsylvanians: to vote.

“I came here to deliver a very simple message and that is to vote. My message, Pennsylvania, is vote,” Obama said.

While poking fun at smartphone-loving Millennials, Obama also urged people to become more active in politics, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming elections.

“If you don’t like what’s going on right now, don’t complain, don’t hashtag, don’t get all anxious, don’t put your head in the sand. Don’t boo. Vote,” Obama said.

Many Conestoga students like Young Democrats Club President Dylan Ward have already taken his words to heart by aiding local campaigning efforts at the local DCCC.

“This rally meant hope and mobilization. It meant the starting point of our push to elect Democrats. This rally meant bringing people together so our fight is unified,” said Ward. “My hope is that the impact of this rally on the community will be greater engagement and energize the community to generate a lot of positive action.”

She encourages students to become more involved in politics.

Ward said, “If you’d like to get more involved in politics, it’s as easy as as looking up what candidates are running in your area and clicking ‘volunteer’. For Conestoga students it’s even easier because of how involved our student body already is.”

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