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Day 11: New Year’s resolutions


By Alex Carder, Ryan Ding and Sowmya Krishna, Staff Reporters

As the year is coming to a close, people are setting goals to achieve in the upcoming year. Check out what resolutions Conestoga students have for the new year and how they plan on achieving them.

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“To be a better person for not only me but for the people around me. I used to make a lot of my mistakes, and I want to try to change myself as a person individually.” How: Ellingsworth aims to work harder in school, be nicer to people and communicate better.

— Isora Ellingsworth, grade 10

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“My New Year’s resolution would probably be to get my private pilot license. This way I can hopefully up my chances at becoming a pilot when I’m older.” How: Younce plans to attend pilot school, fly and practice.

— Bradley Younce, grade 11

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“To be positive because I think that a lot of people can be happier if they just change their mindset.” How: Bayley plans to turn negative moments in life into learning experiences.

— Brooke Bayley, grade 11

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“To work harder at my job and get a raise because I’m making a good amount of money right now, but I’d like to save up more money to go to college and maybe buy a car.” How: Mital aims to put more effort into work, going above and beyond expectations to show his boss that he is committed.

— Kussh Mital, grade 10:

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“My New Year’s resolution is to be healthier for 2024.” How: Vishnu plans to work out every single day, taking rest days every so often.

— Pranav Vishnu, grade 11:

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“Just to get better at some academics, like reading faster and writing faster. I am reading a book right now for my English class, and I think I will do some practice with that.” How: Gardiner plans to improve on school work.

— Alex Gardiner, grade 10

Alex Carder can be reached at [email protected].

Ryan Ding can be reached at [email protected].

Sowmya Krishna can be reached at [email protected].

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