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The Spoke seniors’ words of wisdom

The Spoke seniors’ words of wisdom

After four years of memeories at Conestoga, our Spoke seniors are saying their final goodbyes. But before they go, they have some parting words and advice.

Put in those extra 10 minutes to study, respond to that text in a timely manner and don’t slack off. Put your all into your work but say no when you can’t take on another responsibility. Find your passion, and run with it — it’ll teach you more about yourself than you could’ve imagined. Have fun, but stay focused. Be the person you strive to be.

— Ben Shapiro,


Find your passions and pursue them. You only have a few more years of being a kid, so slow down and spend the time doing what you truly enjoy.

— Abigail Bagby,

Co-Managing Editor

I genuinely can’t put into words what being a senior means to me. I had the best time these past four years, and I owe Conestoga for my forever friends. My advice is to not stress too much about the little things because all of it will 1,000% work out in the end. Everything seems so big in the moment, but you will end up where you’re supposed to be. To my Spokies — take advantage of any and every opportunity you can find. Use everything you have available to you these couple of years and set yourself up for success.

— Shreya Vaidyanathan,

Co-Managing Editor

High school really is a roller coaster ride full of twists and turns. My advice is to embrace the chaos, have fun along the way and buckle up for what’s to come. Just remember: Even when it feels like you’re upside down, enjoy the view.

— Maya Shah,

Co-T/E Life Editor

Please, please, please chill out a little. Working hard is never a bad idea, but working yourself to the bone is not the way to go either. I’ll guarantee that in four years you’ll be more likely to remember the fun you had than the times you decided not to. Meet those friends, go to that party it’s worth it. Your future self will thank you.

— Jui Bhatia,

Co-Opinion Editor

Rejections will redirect you and failures will fuel you. Surround yourself with friends and teachers who will stand with you especially when you’re at your lowest. The struggle and company you keep shapes you more than success. Laugh and love more.

— Tanisha Agrawal

Co-Sports Editor

Truly cherish these four years. Try new things, join different clubs, talk to random people; high school is a place and time where you can find yourself and discover what you’re passionate about. As I approach my last few weeks as a senior, I can’t help but remember all the memories I made at this school, with these people. High school is a special time when you’re surrounded by special people don’t take it for granted.

— Grace Kuryan,

Co-Multimedia Editor

Be your own biggest advocate! For every opportunity where you find someone discouraging you, remember there’s only truth in what they say once you begin to believe it. Trust your own abilities because you are beyond capable of achieving your goals.

— Katherine Emmanuel,

Co-Director of Staff


Beware of procrastination! As ironic as it is that I happen to be writing this at 12:13 a.m. the deadline was 13 minutes ago strong time management skills can be a lifesaver even in the face of the all-too-well-known daunting Conestoga course load.

— George Zhang,

Co-Director of Staff


Try everything you can. Embrace challenges and learn from failures. Trust your gut instincts, but welcome feedback with open arms. You’re only going to find your passion if you give yourself the opportunity to do so. Above all, never stop growing, because life’s greatest lessons are learned outside your comfort zone. DGUTS.

— Michael Tierney,

Business Manager

In high school, we can experiment without the foreboding consequences of adulthood. So, join that club, schedule that elective that catches your eye in the course selection booklet, talk to that new peer sitting next to you. Take advantage of all opportunities Conestoga has to offer because you may stumble across something awesome!

— Abbie Preston,

Staff Reporter

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