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AmnestyxStoga hosts open-mic Jamnesty event 


Story by Ashley Du, Staff Reporter 

Package by Lauren Pinheiro, Photography Editor

On Friday, April 12, the atrium buzzed with activity as AmnestyxStoga hosted Jamnesty, a food-filled, open-mic event raising awareness about abortion rights. Attendees listened to speeches and singing performances, explored tables with free merchandise, signed petitions and learned more about bodily autonomy.

This event was part of Amnesty International USA’s National Week of Student Action, where student chapters across the country come together to advocate for human rights, with a specific focus on abortion this year. Partnering with Girl Up Conestoga and UNICEF,  AmnestyxStoga brought the larger movement to the local community.

“When you’re signing a petition or speaking up about human rights, it doesn’t seem like a lot,” junior and AmnestyxStoga co-president Charlize Ko said. “However, things like Jamnesty have an impact. If all student chapters around the nation are hosting these events, educating their communities, prompting people to action and pulling people in to join the campaign, it all contributes to a larger scale movement.”

The event started with guest speakers highlighting the fight for abortion rights. After the first speaking session, participants could explore the various tables, eat food, connect with other people and pick up merchandise. The event finished with the most prominent speakers providing their final remarks. 

Club leaders involved in the event, such as sophomore and UNICEF president Vibha Besagi, emphasize the impact of Jamnesty in relation to the current state of abortion rights in the U.S.

“Especially with (the overturning of) Roe v. Wade, it’s really important to keep abortion rights and women’s rights relevant,” Besagi said. “Just keeping it in people’s minds and having it come up again and again will help women’s rights progress.”

Jamnesty 4/12/24

Ashley Du can be reached at [email protected].

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