‘Stoga events: Club Fair


By Sophia Pan, Copy Editor

The annual Club Fair ran from Sept. 16-20 during periods 2-7. Every year, members of the 205 clubs at Conestoga sign up to set up a display on one table in the main lobby to show off the best assets of their club and convince others to join. The sign-ups for tables are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Each day of the Club Fair is themed—this year, Monday was academic clubs, Tuesday and Wednesday were service clubs, Thursday was culture clubs and Friday was activity clubs. While most clubs set up tri-fold poster boards, a few clubs had equipment out (like Aerospace Club) or had activities, like the Chinese yo-yo demonstrations by the Asian-American Culture Club.

The Club Fair provides students new and old with opportunities to explore different options and get a taste of the various subcultures in Conestoga clubs. Students can visit during study halls, free periods or lunches, and once they’ve decided on what clubs to join, they fill out two forms on Schoology so the clubs are registered on their transcripts.

Check out the photos below!

Club Fair 2019

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