April fool’s: Payphones of ‘Stoga disturb class with obnoxious ringing


By Melinda Xu, Managing Web Editor

Photos by Ananya Kulkarni, Web Editor

It was barely the beginning of first period when suddenly a loud ringing filled the school.

The payphone located in the gym lobby had mysteriously started ringing, at louder levels than even the infamous fire drills. At first, all were confused.

“‘Wait those still work?’ was the first thought that ran through my mind,” junior Shiva Dahagam said.

Dahagam was not the only one confused by the day’s antics. Many other students crowded around the suspected payphone in curiosity. Around 9 a.m., however, the payphone disappeared.

Ring ring: the perpetrator of the mysterious ringing sits peacefully. It is now missing.

Its location has not been found, but this was only the beginning for the payphones’ revenge.

Later incidents included prank calling pizza places and even tripping a student, although it is unclear whether the payphone tripped the student or the student attempted to attack the payphone and tripped himself.

“It was looking for a fight, okay?” the student said, who will remain unnamed at their request.

The two perpetrators of these acts were gym lobby payphone’s fellow partners, one located outside the library lobby and one located near the front office.

The two payphones have not been caught and are still at large. Police warn to watch out for two aggressive payphones and to report any sightings.

April Fool’s!

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