Digital Magazine debuts ‘other perspectives’ in new online publication


With determination to create a new publication and platform for the lesser heard voices of ’Stoga, junior Faith Jacobs decided to found the DigiMag. 

The Digital Magazine (or DigiMag) is an online publication with a goal to share the “other perspective,” according to the DigiMag website. When Jacobs saw other publications like The Spoke covering the anti-racism rally organized by AASU (African American Student Union) last April, she was inspired. 

“I was just thinking about how it was so nice to have them represent something that was so unapologetically African- American and how I was just now noticing that I didn’t see that all the time,” Jacobs said. “I just know that a lot of times, because it’s such a small population of African American students, it’s hard to reflect that we are here because there’s so few of us.”

Found online by clicking a link on the @StogaDigiMag Twitter account, the Digital Magazine is a mix of concepts, from art to interviews and even spotlights on students with interesting passions such as robotics. 

“I wanted it to almost be like a Harper’s Bazaar but for Conestoga,” Jacobs said. “Like a unique magazine. Not your typical publication.”

Jacobs started the DigiMag in the same way that someone would start a club. When the first meeting came around, only four people attended. One of these four, junior Saadhi Jakka, became vice president of the publication. 

“We were the first people there, so we came up with the ideas on how to run it and things like that,” Jakka said. “The biggest goal was to get as many people’s stories out there and reach all aspects of Conestoga.”

News of the DigiMag becoming a reality spread by word of mouth, and soon enough, Jacobs had people reaching out to her and asking how they could contribute to the Digital Magazine. For Jakka, seeing the finished product of the first issue was rewarding.  

 “I just thought it was so cool how so many people were doing all these incredible things that no one knows about. So for me, DigiMag allows those people to be recognized and appreciated,” Jakka said. 

Looking forward to publishing two more issues this year, Jacobs is thankful for the support from everyone involved and wants to welcome all voices to the DigiMag.  

“I will say that a lot of the support for this also came through AASU, which I am also co-president of, and I definitely found a lot of support being in that group and leading in that group,” Jacobs said. “I would say to anybody that is interested, we are always here, and we always want to embrace more voices and more perspectives.”