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New vegan restaurant is hip like its name


By Elena Schmidt, Staff Reporter

I took the opportunity to have lunch at HipCityVeg, a new vegan restaurant, and was pleasantly surprised. Upon entering, the modern little store felt bright and naturally illuminated by its large windows and open floorplan. With upbeat music and a kind, helpful staff, the casual-dining experience was quite enjoyable.

The menu offered a variety of Chick’n sandwiches, wraps and burgers. Of course, all the “meat” was made of soy protein- not of real meat.

I tried the Disco Chick’n ($10.25), a delicious sandwich made with grilled Chick’n (HipCityVeg’s name for their “chicken”), organic smoked tempeh, lettuce, pickles, and organic soy mayo. The tender Chick’n replicated the taste of real chicken surprisingly accurately.

I also tried the Smokehouse burger ($11.25), consisting of savory Beyond Meat, with a strong but not overwhelming beefy flavor. The BBQ sauce and smoked gouda cheese on the burger worked together to make one forget about ever eating a real beef burger again.

The sweet potato fries were crisp and flavorful, neither too sweet nor too salty. I usually don’t like sweet potato, but I couldn’t stop eating these fries because they were cooked to perfection. I highly recommend them!

The selection of drinks included a natural fruit punch, kale-lemonade, mandarin-turmeric and strawberry-rhubarb drinks. Sweetened with Agave syrup and made with all-natural flavors, these beverages are perfect for anyone looking to replace soda.

Lastly, the Banana Whip was a delicious way to finish the meal. I watched as an employee pressed two and a half bananas through a machine and created a soft ice consistency. The wide selection of toppings complemented the healthy dessert. For roughly $4.75, including $0.75 for 3 toppings, the generously portioned Banana Whip is guaranteed to fill you up.

HipCityVeg offers a delightful dining experience based on an eco-friendly philosophy, allowing the customer to enjoy a healthy meal while helping the environment.

HipCityVeg’s natural light and decor give it a neat, modern feel.
The Disco Chick’n, Smokehouse Burger and sweet potato fries, as well as the Strawberry-rhubarb and mandarin-turmeric drinks are packaged in all eco-friendly materials
The Banana Whip is made of 100% banana, and is complemented nicely with toppings- a great healthy dessert!

Elena Schmidt can be reached at [email protected]

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