Ultimate frisbee club garners popularity


By Henry Danon, Staff Reporter

Conestoga’s ultimate frisbee club is one of the most popular at ’Stoga, and for a good reason. The sport with a fast-paced, athletic-driven base has dozens of players, from students to teachers.

The club practices at Valley Forge Middle School. Though a club based off of a competitive sport, it is very welcoming to all skill sets. The club’s members range from newcomers who have barely even touched a frisbee before, to avid players like Junior Alex Connor who have been playing for years.

“(Before I joined) I had only really played a few times. But I heard everyone was really friendly and that it was a fun time,” Connor said.

Co-sponsor Edward Sharick is a physics and computer science teacher at Stoga. He’s been at ’Stoga for three years, and this is his second year as the co-sponsor. Sharick started in high school with practically no experience, and later played in college for Carnegie Mellon University.

“We have a great time out there, just having pick up games. It’s fun to watch as a former player and fun to watch as a sort of coach,” Sharick said. He said that there are about 20-30 people who come every Tuesday and Thursday and are actively involved.

Kevin Strogen, a science teacher at ‘Stoga, is the other co-sponsor. Though not a player himself, he has sponsored the club for many years.

Along with playing ultimate frisbee, Connor enjoys the club’s atmosphere.

“The people make it really great, because everyone loves Mr. Sharick and Mr. Strogen. We’re really competitive and into it, but at the same time really friendly,” Connor said.

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