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Stoga juniors create innovative clothing account


By Andrew Bucko, Staff Reporter
Photo provided by Anne Lockhart and Yubin Yi.

For most, old clothes are just a nuisance. Some people haul their piles of stained graphic tees and ill-fitting jeans to the local Goodwill, while others simply toss forgotten clothing out on the curb for trash day. Breaking away from the norm, Juniors Anne Lockhart and Yubin Yi had a much more creative solution to get rid of old clothing pieces.
Since July, Yi and Lockhart have been posting used articles of clothing for sale on their Instagram account: “weneedmoneythanks,”already selling to about 50 customers. Their reasoning for starting the account goes a bit deeper than its title may suggest.
“All the mainstream stores right now have clothes that are ridiculously overpriced, so making things more affordable for people so they can dress different and unique is definitely one of the goals of the account,” Lockhart said.
Inspired by accounts such as ‘Stoga girls clothes, Lockhart and Yi wanted to make their own Instagram for selling their gently worn clothing.  However, they wanted their version to be more personal and stylized.
“We had this idea that we didn’t just want to lay [the clothing] on the ground to take pictures of it. We wanted to style it and model it so customers would have a better idea on how to wear things,” Yi said.
In their personal sense of fashion, Yi and Lockhart feel the same is lame. On social media, they have found a haven of avant-garde and interesting fashion bloggers that inspire and enrich them.
“Anne and I are heavily influenced by people online. We don’t necessarily try to be like other people, but when we see someone wearing something different, we get really excited, like ‘we’ve gotta find a way to wear that or style that.’ So, we gain a lot of our inspiration from social media,” Yi said.
As for future plans, the two of them are collaborating on a blog together that will delve into more than fashion. They are still putting on the finishing touches to the blog called “Dirty Laundry”, but expect it will be live soon.
“Something interesting that we’ve been doing is that we started a blog where we share our style and favorite things. Its more in-depth than our clothes account and shows more behind the scenes,”
In the meantime, they will continue to help students avoid basic outfits, one sale at a time. 

Andrew Bucko can be reached at [email protected].

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