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Best Buddies throws back to ’90s in talent show


By Jahnavi Rao, Staff Reporter

Photos by Meagan O’Rourke and Jahnavi Rao, Co-Convergence Editor and Staff Reporter

Each year, the Best Buddies club at Conestoga showcases their talent and energy for the whole school at the Best Buddies Talent Show. This year, West Chester East and Radnor High School joined Conestoga in presenting a ’90s music inspired dance show. Best Buddies grooved and jived to songs like “Mambo #5,” followed by West Chester East’s ’90s mashup featuring Britney Spears and Spice Girls. Next, the Best Buddies from Radnor jumped and danced in their ode to NSYNC. The emcee for the program, English teacher Michael Trainer, spoke between each act from first period to fifth, calling out audience members to sing some ’90s songs. During second period, Trainer called out two students from his homeroom and prompted them to sing Backstreet Boys for the whole audience. ‘Stoga Breakers, the break-dancing club at Conestoga, busted some moves as well, performing alongside the multiple Best Buddies groups. The talent show also promoted the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign, advocating to stop using the R-word and to embrace intellectually disabled individuals. 



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