The Erics bring Hollywood glamour to ‘Stoga


Article by Jerry Zhu, News Editor
Photos by Neil Goldenthal, Staff Reporter

Spotlights waltzed through the auditorium as a deafening medley of movie soundtracks trumpeted through the speakers. In a scene reminiscent of The Oscars, student filmmakers and their peers sat in frenzied anticipation of the inauguration of The Erics.

On Friday, Jan. 15, junior Eric Lindsay hosted Conestoga’s first student-run film festival in the auditorium. Celebrating the accomplishments of his peers, Lindsay, a student in Advanced TV, drew inspiration from The Oscars and the Greenfield Youth Film Festival in the conception of the event.

“After watching some good movies that were being nominated, I thought it would be good to do a film fest for the class. It would be a fun thing to do before midterms and would keep spirits high,” Lindsay said.

With help from Advanced TV teacher Caitlin Wilson, Lindsay edited and planned the videos that were to be shown at the event, a process that he describes as “very collaborative.”

“It was a big class help, everyone pitched in,” Lindsay said. “Everyone was able to see their videos on the screen and everyone in class was able to win at something since it was ours.”

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A total of 11 awards were presented ranging from best cinematography and special effects to the Matt Balch Award for the movie that “brought the least to the table.” Nominations were organized by members of Advanced TV with voting held in class.

Senior Dahye Yoon, whose film “Emoji 2.0” won Best Picture, took part in the nomination process.

“The whole film festival took a couple major parts to plan for; nominating the people, voting for the people and the videos, making the video clips, finding people to present the awards, and getting the word out,” Yoon said.

Looking forward, Lindsay hopes to to hold similar events in the future.

“It would be great if we can make this an annual thing. It’s something I’m looking to do next year.”

To watch all of the films, check out the links below.

Best Supporting Actress

Mrs. Caneda, “Coming Out of the Coffin”

Best Supporting Actor

Nick Yelesin, “Breaking Bread”

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Bruna Giampietro, “Emoji 2.0”

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Alex Azar, “Breaking Bread”

Best Cinematography

“Breaking Bread”

Best Special Effects


Charlie Brake Award for Best Score

Charlie Brake

Matt Balch Award

“Mack’s Beard”

Frazer Award

Alex Lee

Best Short Film

“Breaking Bread”

Best Picture Award

“Emoji 2.0”


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