Literary magazine hosts annual Inkwell


By Liz Lawton, Staff Reporter
On Dec. 4, Conestoga’s literary magazine, The Folio, will host its annual Inkwell, a coffeehouse and open mic event at Tredyffrin Library. Inkwell has been taking place for years, with proceeds going to fund the literary magazine or a charity of the magazine’s choice.
Inkwell features musical acts including stand up, vocal, musical and band performances as well as solos, slam poetry and others. The event typically lasts for two to three hours, but the number of acts changes yearly. The musical ambience is complemented by baked goods and snacks prepared by magazine staff to sell as concessions. The funds from the concession, in addition to the $5 entrance fee, are collected as proceeds for the charity.
Planning starts months in advance as a date must be chosen early and agreed upon by the library. Much of the organization is headed by the editors, Rhian Lowndes and Chelsea Tang, but the entire staff contributes to other aspects of planning. In depth planning starts a few weeks prior to the event with the recruitment and organization of performers. Promotion of the event is done through posters and announcements, and responsibilities during the actual event are delegated by the editors as well.
This year, instead of benefiting The Folio, Inkwell’s proceeds will go to Memphis Street Academy to fund an after school writing program. Senior Sarah McAlaine believes that the charity is worthy and relevant to the magazine and the school.
We have the fortune of attending a very good school, but many kids living fairly close by attend poorly funded inner city schools,” McAlaine said. “The charity we are donating to focuses on raising money for these schools in an effort to balance out the privilege.”
The magazine’s advisor, Ben Smith, will proctor the event, and excitement is growing as rumors circulate regarding a potential performance from him. With the event drawing closer, staff members look forward to seeing their hard work pay off in a way that benefits people in need.
“It’s definitely worth going. The food and performances are great and the money we raise is going to a great cause,” McAlaine said.
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Credit Chelsea Tang for featured photo.