Library hosts fall coffee house


By Cissy Ming, Staff Reporter
On Nov. 20, students and staff members performed in the library’s Fall Coffee House from third period through D lunch as volunteers served hot chocolate. As in previous years, attendees enjoyed a variety of acts, ranging from monologues and poetry readings to singing and instrumental performances. English teacher Michael Trainer returned to host the Coffee House, introducing each performer and providing a lively atmosphere.
Librarian Brooke Hauer noted an increase in the number of performers, something she attributes to increased awareness of the Coffee House. Last school year’s Spring Coffee House had slightly more than 20 performers while over 30 performed on Friday. Hauer also witnessed a record number of staff members performing.
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According to Hauer, the librarians’ experience with organizing the Coffee House and changes in the library allowed them to make improvements to this year’s event. The library’s new configuration allowed the librarians to add 30 more seats in the “social area” for attendees. Hauer utilized the new widescreen TVs to broadcast performances live, giving all spectators a better view.
Despite several setbacks in the performance schedule, Hauer considers the Fall Coffee House a success.
“Everyone had a lot of fun and it was really wonderful to see all the different talent we have,” Hauer said. “I’m really thankful that we can have an event like this at our school. It was really nice for all our students and staff members to share their gifts with us.”
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