Annual awards ceremony recognizes outstanding juniors


By Michael Tierney, Business Manager

The annual Junior Awards Ceremony took place in the auditorium on Thursday, May 27. Hosted by principal Amy Meisinger, awards ranging from math and science to social justice were given out to standout juniors this school year. 

The ceremony was in-person and recorded by TETV. Students were able to experience walking up on the stage, unlike last year, and received their award from administrator Patrick Boyle in front of their peers.

Junior Jeffrey Tan, who received a prestigious award for his accomplishments in math and science, greatly appreciated being honored at the ceremony.

“I’m so honored to win this award,” Tan said. “I know that they only go to the top 25 students in each grade, so I really am happy to be on that list.”

He also enjoyed the in-person experience of the ceremony.

“I’m really glad that we were able to have this event in-person. It really allows us to appreciate our awards even more and allowed (us) to see and congratulate each other,” Tan said.

Twenty-five juniors were recognized at the ceremony, and the majority of them came to the event to accept their awards. For the virtual students, their photos appeared on the live TETV broadcast for the viewers at home when their name was announced by Meisinger. Although only 15 minutes long, this event was a great way for the students to cap off their junior year of high school.

“The ceremony was really well organized and was a great experience,” Tan said. “Finally being able to have one of these events in-person was also fun and I’m grateful to have received an award.”

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