Stoga teachers celebrate Halloween with a costume contest


By Christina Lee, Staff Reporter

This year, teachers dressed up to participate in the first ever staff costume contest, bringing Halloween festivities to Stoga hallways on Oct. 31.

The staff costume contest was organized by history teacher Emily McGready and Peer Mediation as part of the Fall Festival.

“We wanted to try something new for everyone to have a great Halloween and to show off Stoga’s school spirit,” Peer Mediator Manoj Kuppusamy said.

Participating departments included Science, Nurse, Art, Library, Music, World Language and Administration. Each department chose a theme and the teachers dressed up accordingly. Students voted for their favorite costumes via a Schoology poll and the winning department by 2:20 p.m. received a donut party.

The science department, with a cops and robbers theme, won the contest with 517 votes. They went all out with yellow caution tape in the science wing as well as sirens between periods.

Second place went to the music department, who dressed as Renaissance musicians. The world language teachers, dressed as characters from Super Mario Bros., came third.

Other departments’ costumes were equally as creative. Administrators modeled the 1980s American classic comedy film, “The Breakfast Club.” Art teachers dressed as their favorite artists, while the librarians were “spice girls” and the nurses opted for a Hawaiian theme.

Because this was the first year of the contest, there were some concerns about the fairness of the rules.

“I thought the contest was somewhat unfair because some departments, such as the music department, have less access to students. I didn’t have any idea what the art department was dressed up as,” said sophomore Eric Y. Zhao.

However, the goal of the staff costume contest this year was to just add more fun to Stoga’s Halloween.

“I thought it would be a really great way to improve school spirit, bring everybody together, and recognize the efforts of the teachers who were already dressed up” organizer McGready said.

Peer Mediation hopes to hold the contest again next year.

Check out the photos below!

Halloween 2018

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