Seniors fight for title of Mr. Pioneer 2017


By Matt Soderberg, Opinion Editor
Photos by Neil Goldenthal, Co-Sports Editor

Last Wednesday, nine of Conestoga’s finest gentleman competed for what some call the greatest honor ever bestowed: Mr. Pioneer. In the name of bees and ABC’s, Senior Andy Fabian came away with the crown.

Hosted by quick-witted English teacher and emcee Mr. Trainer, the night consisted of a grueling questioning period followed by a series of high-tension performances. Highlights included Kenji Fong’s eclectic and crowd-pleasing combination of comedy and break dancing, as well as Jameswell Zhang’s pumped-up yo-yo routine. In front of a riled-up crowd, judges Mr. Strogen, Miss Solove, and returning runner-up Evan Haynos voted to name Fabian the winner, after his quick-tongued and Jimmy-Arvan-assisted performance of Blackalicious’s Alphabet Aerobics stole the night.

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