Berwyn festival offers a ‘taste of something for everybody’


By Jordan Liu, Staff Reporter

Despite the threat of daunting weather in the face of Hurricane Joaquin, hundreds flocked to the third annual Taste of Berwyn festival on Sunday, Oct. 4, where they indulged in over thirty of the best restaurants, artists and bands from around the area. The event was hosted at Hilltop House in Devon with over 700 guests in attendance, including several volunteers from Conestoga’s National Honor Society (NHS), Key Club and Peer Mediation.

Taste of Berwyn was created in 2013 to connect the community and fundraise for Daemion Counseling Center, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable mental health care for those who cannot afford the necessary services. Located directly across from T/E Middle School, Daemion has served the community since 1970.

Executive Director Marti Magee hopes to raise the community’s awareness of Daemion’s services.

“We want the community to know that we are here for you, and that Daemion is here to assist you and your loved ones,” Magee said. “Everyone knows somebody who needs someone to talk to, and we want to make sure that the community knows that we’re here, we care and we listen.”

Although Taste of Berwyn has been around for only three years, volunteer Lauren Blake is impressed with the festival’s wide impact on the community.

“We’ve been such a success with the community outreach,” Blake said. “Not only have we helped Daemion Counseling Center, but the community and Berwyn embrace having Taste of Berwyn to call their own.”

Several members of Conestoga’s Key Club, NHS and Peer Mediation volunteered at the festival. The volunteers helped event staff with set up, registration and the face painting stand, one of the most popular attractions for visitors.

With over thirty restaurants, painters and musicians, Taste of Berwyn enjoyed a wealth of local talent, including the Villanova Jazz Band, Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery and artist

Elise Phillips. Jeweler H. Kathleen Childress appreciated the diversity within the festival.

“It’s great because this year we expanded from restaurants to include fine arts and music, so it’s a taste of something for everybody,” Childress said.

State Representative Warren Kampf made an appearance at Taste of Berwyn. Supporting what he believes to be a great cause, Kampf embraced the lively atmosphere, joining his family for an evening of food and entertainment.

“I support as much as I can that goes on in the district I represent, and Taste of Berwyn is certainly part of that, “ Kampf said. “I’ve been supportive of Daemion Counseling Center for a long time, and they’ve done a great job, so they really deserve our support.”

Taste of Berwyn enjoyed immense success within its first three years, with attendance nearly doubled from the first year. Because of the overwhelming positive feedback, Taste of Berwyn Board Chairman Phillip Krombolz has a bright outlook for the festival.

“The community loves it, Easttown Township loves the event, Hilltop House has graciously accepted us, and we’d love to see this continue,” Krombolz said. “I think it is a wonderful event and I would love to see it happen year in, year out.”

Jordan Liu can be reached at [email protected].