“Guys and Dolls” Wins Best Musical at Cappies Gala


Article by Jordan Liu, Co-Convergence Editor
Photos by Neil Goldenthal and Adam Lockett, Co-Sports Editor and Design Editor. 

At this year’s Cappies Gala on May 15, an event similar to the Tony Awards, Conestoga was nominated in fifteen categories, winning five of them, including ‘Stoga Theatre’s first ever Best Musical award for “Guys and Dolls”.

Cappies is a national high school theater organization that sends student critics to review performances from various schools in their areas. Conestoga and several other local schools participate in the Greater Philadelphia branch of The Cappies. Ultimately, these reviews culminate in the annual Cappies Gala, where schools are presented with awards based on the critics’ votes.

“Winning the Cappie for Best Musical is a huge deal for ’Stoga Theatre because it shows that every aspect of the show was strong,” said Senior Emmi Dolph, assistant director of “Guys and Dolls”. “It’s one thing to have good sound, or good lighting, or a few good performers, but we can say that the show as a whole was great.”

Other awards from this year’s Gala include Callum Hunter with Best Sound, Kathryn Lenker with Best Stage Management and Stage Crew, Conestoga Pit with Best Orchestra and Tyler Brundage with Best Special Effects and/or Technology.

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