Boys lacrosse check off win against Downingtown West


By Elizabeth Billman, Staff Reporter

On a day when it actually felt like spring for a chance, Conestoga boys varsity lacrosse was set to play against Downingtown West on April 16. The Saturday game was full of intensity with an abundance of goals and hardly a slow moment. Seniors Kyle Pecci and Dan Cepielik were sufficient in making incredible saves to allow only three goals in the whole game. Sophomores Chris Cara, James Reilly and Nick Braendel scored and assisted many of the goals along with sophomore Sean Bailey and juniors Hunter Gregory and Tom Sopko to make a total of 14 goals.

During the game there were also a number of rough fouls as it was an intense game. Conestoga played up one player at least twice and down a player only once. A specific incident occurred when Cara was fouled by Downingtown West, and the opposing team showed frustration to the referee as well as a parent from Downingtown West in the stands. He said something to the extent that “this isn’t baseball.” Another foul was a lacrosse stick to the head by Downingtown West on senior Will Reiss, which resulted in a two minute penalty at the end of the game.

Towards the end of the game Downingtown West was pushing to score more goals by playing aggressively, but goalie Pecci made an incredible save with just the end of his lacrosse stick. The game ended in a 14-3 win by Conestoga boys. Their next game is Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. away at Marple Newtown High School.

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