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Comedy Night brings on laughs


Article by Emma Purinton, Staff Reporter
Photos by Dylan Bendit, Guest Photographer

The Drama Club’s Wednesday night performance, “Snow Regrets,” featured Donald Trump, speed-daters and Starbucks lovers but no snow.

The evening was filled with performances and showings of students’ creative pursuits—student-written sketches, short films and improv games. The night was a long time coming, as the club originally intended for it to be at the end of January after midterms. However, ironically snow days, followed by the spring musical, postponed it for two months.

Comedy Night is an annual event for the Drama Club and one of the club’s biggest consistent events of the year. Although the night is an important one for the club, the club usually participates in various other events scattered throughout the year.

“We usually take part in a Shakespeare competition every year. Unfortunately, this year with AP testing the date didn’t work out,” co-president and senior Lissie Torres said. “In the past, we’ve done one-act plays—we did one two years ago for the third graders when there wasn’t an Advanced Theater class, and then the year before that we did a show at the library.”

This year’s Comedy Night featured sketches such as “Main Line Pizza,” “Sherlock’s Product Placement Predicament” and “Apple vs. Everyone.” The sketches were interspersed with improvisation games allowing for audience volunteers, as in Party Quirks, to suggest personalities for each “party guest” to assume. The club member who is assigned the “host” must then figure out what each guest’s personality is through improvised conversations. Halfway through the night, five student-made short films were shown, including “Confessions of a Senior: The Mockumentary” and “InterTWOOs.” No matter the entertainment, the night wrapped up to be laughs for both audience and cast.

“It’s just a really fun night—it’s really casual, just a time for us all to get up on stage and have fun and enjoy each other’s company and enjoy what we love to do and just embrace the fact that yeah, we might not have the biggest audience, and it might not be as big as the musical, but it’s still a blast. It’s really just a group of people who actually want to be here,” Torres said.

Emma Purinton can be reached at [email protected].

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