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Day 5: Movie recommendations


By Ashley Du, Saktisri Gowrishankar and Emily Wang, Staff Reporters

There is no better way to spend the winter season than watching a holiday-themed movie with friends and family. Make sure to bundle up with a blanket, cookies and a warm drink of your choice over winter break, and watch these three movies recommended by The Spoke’s reporters.

Love Actually” (2003)

By Saktisri Gowrishankar, Staff Reporter

Rating: ★★★★★

“Love Actually” is a classic 2000s Christmas romantic comedy that is essential for a cozy movie night. The film hosts an impressive cast of actors such as Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley and Emma Thompson. The story is centered around the romantic trials and tribulations that eight different couples must overcome during Christmas time in London. Affairs, miscommunications and airport chases ensue. The movie has all the perfect aspects of a rom com, with funny quips and heartwarming confessions of love alongside a charming balance of dry humor and sweet moments. It is easy to become invested in the characters even with the limited screen time each of them has. The pacing of the movie is fast, even with a two-hour runtime, but it still has a satisfying ending. The movie fills you with the warm and fuzzy feelings brought by the holidays. Each actor plays their role flawlessly, and the movie is very visually appealing as well. The song choices only add to the lovely, nostalgic atmosphere the movie builds. “Love Actually” will make you appreciate the love all around you, so settle down with a few friends, and put this on to feel a little warmer during a cold winter night.

“The Nuttiest Nutcracker” (1999)

By Ashley Du and Emily Wang, Staff Reporters

Rating: ★★★★★

If you are looking for a quick holiday film with truckloads of laughter and an animation style resembling Barbie movies, “The Nuttiest Nutcracker” is for you. The movie puts a comedic twist on the classic “Nutcracker” plot and is 48 minutes long perfect for a quick, enjoyable time. Told by a dancing Sugar Plum Fairy, the story follows Marie and the Nutcracker’s journey to save Christmas with the help of anthropomorphic nuts and produce, such as Mac the Macadamia Nut, Li’l Pea the Baby Peanut and Gramps the Peanut. It has an amazing soundtrack, especially “Keep the Faith,” which is performed by Mac the Macadamia Nut. While Marie and the food travel, Reginald the Rat King kidnaps Marie and tries to force her to marry him. The nuts, produce and Nutcracker rush to save her while also needing to return the Christmas star to the tree by midnight. As they are faced with life and death decisions, they learn about the moral of Christmas: giving to others. The comedic characters such as the peanuts and the rats, as well as the quirky animation and hilarious voice acting, add to the movie’s charm. 

“Elf” (2003)

By Ashley Du and Emily Wang, Staff Reporters

Rating: ★★★★☆

A Christmas classic, “Elf” is the perfect movie to watch with your family and friends or alone with a blanket. With the perfect hint of childhood nostalgia, the film is packed with comedy and heartwarming moments. Buddy, a human who grew up in the North Pole with little social experiences, travels to the human world and causes chaos everywhere he goes. On his quest to find his biological father, who is an unempathetic workaholic and neglects his family, Buddy finds love and the meaning of Christmas and family. His awkward social skills make him endearing and funny, resulting in an overall entertaining and lighthearted movie. While the plot can be a bit dramatic at times, it comes together nicely. The emotions are portrayed well throughout, Buddy’s personality charms viewers and it is easy to be affected by the movie’s moving relationships and intense drama. The messages such as family, friendship and faith in Christmas will be sure to touch any viewer. If you are looking for a feel-good, nostalgic film that pulls effortlessly on your heartstrings, you will enjoy “Elf.”

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Emily Wang can be reached at [email protected].

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