Senior prom: Conestoga meets Enchanted Garden


By Maddie Pulliam, Staff Reporter

Shopping for dresses, doing makeup and planning pictures will soon all be worth it for this year’s senior prom. Fairy lights and flowers will fill the Foundry as Conestoga seniors dance the night away in an Enchanted-Garden-themed prom. 

On April 20, seniors will enjoy a night filled with dancing at the Foundry in Phoenixville from 8-11 p.m. for their senior prom. Unlike the junior prom, there will not be a sit-down dinner served, so attendees will have to eat before or after prom, or snack on the food available at the dance. 

“I think (no sit-down dinner) is partially also part of the appeal, because it’s kind of more laid back, and you get to kind of wander around more compared to junior prom,” senior and Class President Daniel Tu said.

The senior class has also been putting together fundraisers with efforts to lower the ticket prices. The fundraisers include the senior class car wash on March 18.

“I would say the biggest challenge in coordinating prom is probably planning the fundraisers in advance. A lot of work goes into those,” Tu said.  

Following last year’s junior prom Starry Night theme, which used decorations resembling clouds and stars, this year’s theme will be a simplistic Enchanted Garden to add to the looks of the site of the prom.

“We have a prom planning committee and people threw out ideas, and we all seemed to like the minimalist idea for the garden theme because it wouldn’t be hard to implement,” senior class president Daniel Richard said. 

The Foundry is a specific venue for events such as weddings, corporate dinners and, of course, proms. The set-up of the venue allows the prom committee to be more selective in their decorations to add to the existing beauty of the space. The main focus of the decorations will be the centerpieces for the tables around the area. 

The juniors will be decorating the Foundry the day of the event to give the seniors the day of prom to get ready before Richard and senior Vice President Ana Webb arrive at the Foundry before the dance to walk around and make sure all of the decorations are perfect for the prom.

“It’s an actual event-venue, unlike the Sheraton, which is kind of like a big hotel lobby, so it already looks nice. We just had to find something to compliment that,” Richard said.

Senior prom is a night that seniors look forward to all year, and the planning behind the scenes is carefully thought out by the prom committee. Senior Briana Hummel is very excited for this year’s prom.

“I’m really excited to hang out with my friends, and spend time with everyone at the dance,” Hummel said. “It’s an event people look forward to all year, and I’m so excited for it to finally happen.”

Maddie Pulliam can be reached at [email protected].