Prom-inent memories: Senior Fall Ball held after a year of absence

By Abbie Preston, Staff Reporter

Students jump up and down, screaming the lyrics to their favorite songs on the dancefloor. Selecting food from a table stretching the length of the dining room, attendees eat with their fellow classmates on round tables below a chandelier. The junior prom is back for seniors in the form of the Fall Ball after its absence last year. Held at Waynesborough Country Club, the dance was on Nov. 1, hosting only seniors and their dates that attend Conestoga.  

The planning process of the Fall Ball was ever-changing, due to the uncertainty with easing COVID-19 restrictions. The most significant adjustments were the change in date and venue. Waynesborough was chosen to host the dance since it had indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor lounge area and ballroom were used as eating areas and an indoor space for students to interact. The outdoor space was the location of the dance floor, as well as several seating areas with firepits. 

The Fall Ball also followed COVID-19 regulations by requiring students to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result. Brooke Eidell, junior class advisor and dance coordinator, had to navigate the challenges of finding a venue that could follow the COVID-19 restrictions, and create an entertaining space.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had an event where we can have people gathered together, and we miss that so much here,” Eidell said. “I think it (was) a really great night just for the current seniors and their dates to be able to congregate together and enjoy some sense of normalcy for the first time in a couple years.”

As a result of creating an event that follows COVID-19 restrictions and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for attendees, tickets were priced at $95. Some students were frustrated about the ticket costs, limiting who could attend the dance. The high price of the tickets was a factor that kept senior Caroline Masson from attending.

“Especially for girls, we have to buy an expensive dress, do makeup, buy heels, buy jewelry, and to spend $95 is just not worth it,” Masson said. “I’d rather save my money for the spring prom.”

Drew Casparius, senior and attendee, thinks the high-priced tickets were worth  the experience.

“The venue was definitely not cheap; they (the planning committee) had to pay for food and all the staffing, so they took over most of the country club. But, (the Fall Ball) only happens once, so I guess the price was worth it,” Casparius said. “It would have been much better if the price was cheaper, but I understand the reasoning for it.”

Casparius also found the Fall Ball a necessary escape from the stresses of school and college applications for seniors. 

“I think senior year is one of your last opportunities to really have a big group event in high school,” Casparius said. “It’s really good to see everybody  one last time. It was also good just to take a little bit of stress off, and it’s November 1 and college apps are due, so people take that opportunity to relax a little bit.”

Adam Khalil, senior and attendee of the Fall Ball, thought that even though it was difficult to plan, the Fall Ball was an enjoyable event.

“I had a great time,” Khalil said. “There was plenty of food, lots of seating and (opportunities to) socialize with friends. I got to meet up with a lot of people that I don’t really see.”

Johnny Papadopoulos, student council’s executive president, believes it was important to have a Fall Ball, especially after the absence of a prom last year. 

“Though it’s definitely been more complicated than other events that student council’s had to plan, I’m glad that we’ve been able to overcome that, and that we’re finally able to have our prom event for the class to enjoy,” Papadopoulos said. “It’s a fun recreational event where everyone can dress up and have a good time together instead of stressing about school.”

Abbie Preston can be reached at [email protected]