Love on the brain, love in the air, love in…astrology?


By Hiba Samdani, Photography Editor

Many of you may be telling your significant other that you love them to the stars and back. But what if the stars determined whether your relationship is truly compatible and where there may be kinks along the way? This is what many who read their Zodiac Signs and birth charts believe, and it is becoming an increasingly popular trend at Conestoga.

Your zodiac sign is dependent upon the day you were born and groups you with people who were born during the same time period. For example, if someone was born between December 21th and January 20th, their sign would be a Capricorn. Birth charts, also known as natal charts, are a different type of horoscope. These charts delve deeper into your personal characteristics and depend on where the planets were aligned the time you were born. The position of each planet corresponds with a certain characteristic. For example, the alignment of the moon can tell you your house of emotions, while the alignment of Venus indicates how you approach partnerships or relationships. During the month of Valentine’s Day, couples can determine if their birth charts align and how many of their birth chart aspects are compatible with one another.

Junior Emma Hopkins is an avid zodiac chart reader and frequently reads the charts of people she meets to determine whether they are well matched. However, if the charts are not in agreement, Hopkins does not use this as a means to avoid a potential friendship. Although the most viable scenario would occur when birth charts match up, she advises not to end a potential relationship if they don’t. 

“(The charts) won’t say that you can’t do this (or) that you can’t be together. It will never discourage you from being in a relationship. It will just say ‘maybe really focus on this, this might be an issue you will come across a lot’  stuff like that,” Hopkins said. “But if I meet someone with placements that I don’t like,  I’m not going to not talk to them or not be friends with them.”

Although many websites can be used to find birth charts, Hopkins recommends using to place two birth charts next to each other. The website will automatically find similarities and differences between the birth charts of a couple or friend and may be useful for beginners starting to learn how to read some of the rather complex charts.

“Other websites can be a bit more confusing and wordy,” Hopkins said. “You can put two people’s information in two charts, and (the website) will tell you potential challenges based on the planets conjuncting with other planets, stuff like that in your relationship.”

Regardless of whether you believe in their validity, birth charts can be used as an avenue to make relationships stronger and a fun activity to bond over – for couples and friends.

“Sometimes you read out information and (your friend) is like ‘How did it know I did that?’” Hopkins said. “It’s a fun activity to do, even if you don’t believe in it.”

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