Folio celebrates release of this year’s first literary magazine with Inkwell


By Aishi Debroy, Staff Reporter

Inkwell, the annual release party for the Folio Literary Magazine, was held on Feb. 22 at the Tredyffrin Library. The night commenced with a line-up of talented students who performed songs, recited their original poems and told jokes that filled the room with playful banter and positive energy. The event was held to promote and celebrate the completion of their first literary magazine of the year. Students created this magazine from anonymous art and literary submissions accumulated throughout the school year. Following the scheduled program of performers, bonding games began among the members. An intense game of rock-paper-scissors and light-hearted party games aroused much laughter, which led to jokes exchanged among members. As the remaining minutes of the events approached, students conversed while celebrating their literary achievements, then eventually winded up to go home. 

Check out the photos below!

Inkwell 2020

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