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Passion for fashion: senior expresses herself through clothing


By Katherine Lee, Staff Reporter

For some, picking out outfits and finding something to wear to school is a daily struggle. For senior Anne Lockhart, however, fashion is a way to express her passions and be herself.

About two years ago, Lockhart created a fashion blog called “Stella Anne” to share her ideas and styles to the public. She views the blog as a space for her to upload her work and treasure the small moments in her life.

A safe space: Senior Anne Lockhart’s blog showcases her life. Lockhart sees fashion as a way to express her individuality.

“I have a Youtube channel with my friend Yubin and we have an account on Instagram where we both sell our clothes, and so I kind of wanted to start something that was my own, and I wanted it to be not just fashion, but like lifestyle and filmatography,” Lockhart said. “It’s kind of a platform where I could showcase a broad variety of interests.”

Lockhart has been interested in fashion ever since she was young. Her two older cousins significantly influenced her in developing this passion. Lockhart recalls often going over to their houses to try on their clothes and keep up with their styles.

“Clothes were a big thing we all connected on,” Lockhart said.

As she entered high school, she began to take fashion more seriously in ninth grade, eventually starting her fashion blog as a sophomore.

“I started to dress more to what I liked instead of like what everyone else was wearing because I think in high school there’s a lot more freedom of expression and not as much conformity,” Lockhart said.

In addition to her blog, Lockhart sells clothes online with her friend Yubin through an Instagram account called weneedmoneythanks. The two put their old clothes up for sale at an affordable price and anyone can buy them.

Lockhart gets a lot of her inspiration for styles from a youtuber named Devon Lee Carlson.

“I think she has like the best style in the world. She’s phenomenal. I always look up to her for clothing and everything,” Lockhart said.

As of now, Lockhart views fashion more of as a hobby, but she hopes to pursue it further as a possible path for her future.

“I’m really into graphic design and web design, so (fashion) kind of like launched my interest for that. So, I want to pursue fashion and web design together,” Lockhart said.

One of the things Lockhart values most about fashion is self-expression. She believes that the way you dress can affect your mood and show how you have grown as a person.

“My hopes for this website gives people inspiration to act/think/dress outside the box,” Lockhart wrote in her blog.

Katherine Lee can be reached at [email protected].

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