Main Line culture gathers at Taste of Berwyn


By Justin Huang, Co-Student Life Editor

On September 17,  the Hilltop House near Beaumont Elementary school hosted the fifth annual Taste of Berwyn festival. Booths lined the sidewalks, showing off local organizations like Penn Medicine or the YMCA, each with relevant information or small games. I, for one, managed to wrangle a free bag from the Penn Medicine and fail at health trivia. Go figure.

No festival is complete without food. Thankfully, it’s not called “Taste of Berwyn” for nothing. As expected, barbecue and alcohol were plentiful (not that I could have any), but I was surprised to see Chinese and Indian food.

I brought my headphones with me, but found out that there was no point in doing so. There was a man singing Sinatra so passionately that I just had to listen in, and a girl playing the ukelele to other songs. A local band played on the porch of the Hilltop House, presenting their best hits as of yet. To top it all off, the Betsy Daily School of Performing Arts showed off five dance numbers, all brilliantly performed. 

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