Valentine’s Day Sweet Tart Cookies


By Caleigh Sturgeon, Managing Web Editor

-Sugar cookie dough
-Pink, yellow, green and blue icing
-Draw-on edible markers

Shaping the cookies:

(1) Once you’ve made your sugar cookie dough, roll it out with a rolling pin until it is about ½ inch thick.

(2) You can make a heart-shaped cookie cutter with a sheet of tin foil. First, fold it in half over and over again until you get an inch-wide folded strip of tin foil. Then shape this strip into a heart and tape the ends together with a clean piece of tape.

(3) Cut out the heart-shaped sections of dough and bake your sugar cookies!


(1) Spread pink, yellow, green and blue icing over the entirety of the surface of your heart-shaped cookies.

(2) Let dry for 20 minutes.

(3) Use edible icing pens (I used Betty Crocker Easy Writer Food Decorators, available at ACME) to write Sweet Tart-esque Valentine’s Day messages in block letters.

Some sweet and sassy sayings to garnish your cookies:

Be Mine
Hug Me
Love Bug
What Ever
As If
Let It Be
Text Me
Call Me
V Day
Love You
You & Me
4 Ever
True Love

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