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Eight Ways to Celebrate the Eight Days of Hanukkah


    By Betty Ben Dor, Managing Editor

    In this edition of Spoke.Jews, Managing Editor Betty Ben Dor brings you 8 ideas on how to spice up your Hanukkah festivities this year:

    Throw a party!

    There’s no better way to celebrate the Festival of Lights than by throwing a good old-fashioned party. Invite all your neighbors and friends over for one of the nights and teach them about the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated.


    Gift Exchange

    Sure, Secret Santas have indeed become normalized in our society for all religions. But this year, just to change things up, plan a Secret Dreidel gift exchange with all your friends to teach them about Hanukkah traditions.


    Dreidel Competition

    I’m not kidding. These types of things can get real intense.


    Sufganiyot Bake-Off

    There is no Hanukkah without sufganiyot. Invite as many people over as possible and bake as much of the jelly-filled doughnuts as you can. And shh, don’t blame me if you’ve gained 10 extra pounds the next day.


    Movie Marathon

    On a cold Hanukkah night, you may not be tempted to go outside to find something to do. So stay inside, curl up by the fire, and spend the night watching great Jewish classics such as Fiddler on the Roof or Yentl.


    Make your own menorah

    This is a fun and easy craft for anyone! Look around for things such as glass bottles or wood panels to serve as your menorah, making sure to account for the shamash (the main candle used to light the rest–must be taller than the others).  If you are more proficient in crafting, feel free to look online for some of the more complicated designs.


    Decorate a Hanukkah bush

    Although festive household shrubbery is typically associated with Christmas, I suggest a Hanukkah bush to brighten up your home. Find blue and white lights and any Hanukkah-themed ornaments you can. I also suggest decorating the bushes outside your house with these lights to show your pride in celebrating the Festival of Lights.


    Make some latkes with your family

    A classic Hanukkah tradition, making latkes with the family is a must each year. To make these potato pancakes, all you need is flour, potatoes, eggs and oil. Enjoy!

    Betty Ben Dor can be reached at [email protected]

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