12 Perfect stocking stuffers


By Caleigh Sturgeon and Jordan Liu, Managing Web Editor and Web Editor

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers this holiday season? Don’t worry, the Spoke’s got you covered with some of the best gifts this year. 

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S’well bottles

The smaller 9 ounce S’well bottles are the perfect size for a stocking. S’well bottles come in a range of colors and designs and are condensation free—perfect for toting around in bags. Plus S’wells keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, meeting everybody’s water or coffee needs.

Price range: $25 9 oz. $35 17 oz. $45 25 oz.


Scrunchies are the perfect alternative to regular hair ties. They’re soft on your head and stylish with any formality of dress. You can pick up scrunchies at CVS, or if you’re looking for some special designs, like velvet and satin, check out American Apparel or Urban Outfitter’s selection.

Price range: $7-$14

Phone Cases

Know somebody who has a problem with keeping their phones intact? Phone cases are a great choice, especially with the countless designs available on Amazon or eBay. Simple cases for iPhones or Androids can be as cheap as $3, with stronger brands such as OtterBox around $30. Waterproof cases such as LifeProof are even better, but pricey at $40.

Price range: $3-$40, depending on the brand

Nike Elites

Perfect for athletic activities or just casual wear, Nike elites are a great stocking stuffer that will last anyone throughout the year. While they do come at a hefty price, Christmas deals from stores like Footlocker and Dick’s can save your wallets from starvation

Price range: $14 a pair, or less with deals.


Deodorant is a great choice for everyone. Axe or Old Spice are good choices, with countless scents to choose from.

Price range: $3-$7, depending on the brand

Bluetooth Speakers

Tired of your weak phone speakers? Bluetooth speakers are the perfect solution–easy to use and with great sound quality. If you’re looking for a less expensive speaker, the AmazonBasics Nano speaker provides bright, clear sound quality for a good price ($15). If sound quality matters more than price, the Beats Pill+ is available for around $173, arguably one of the best on the market.

Price range: $15-$200, depending on the brand


Everyone loves food. If you’re not sure what to get, snacks are always a safe option, and are sure to keep guys happy throughout the holiday celebrations. For a sweet (or salty) Christmas surprise, try some cool holiday-themed treats!

Price range: $1-$5

Nail polish

Nail polish is a pretty standard stocking stuffer, but you can jazz up this year’s stocking with some gel finish nail polish. Gel polish is now available in drug stores without the need for a UV light. Alternatively, look for some nail design kits including stencils or nail pens.

Price range: $4-$10

Gift Cards

If you’re stuck and don’t know what to buy, try a gift card! This is the easiest type of gift, and most stores will let you add any desired amount. Starbucks cards are perfect for coffee-lovers, and Amazon gift cards are great for any tech-wiz! Plus, if they want, gift cards can be restocked with money at any time.

Price range: Anything

Fluffy socks

There’s no such thing as too much comfy footwear. Luckily, fluffy socks are easy to get at any number of retail stores and are relatively inexpensive. Christmas or winter themed socks are a perfect option for this spirited time of year.

Price range: $3-$8 (less expensive in bundles)

Novelty Boxers

Looking to spice up your boxers? With an infinite amount of cool designs to choose from, you can’t go wrong with novelty boxers. Christmas or winter themed boxers are a perfect option for this time of year.

Price range: $8-$20

Bath bombs

Bath bombs—with their fizzy mix of colors and soothing scents—have become a new craze. Stop by Lush or another cosmetic store to find a bath bomb prime for creating any ambiance.

Price range: $10-$20

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