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To dress up or not to dress up: End the debate with last-minute costume ideas


By Camille Kurtz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

            For high school students, the question of whether to don witches hats and vampire fangs at school filters through conversations for the weeks leading up to Halloween. As students grow older, it can be more difficult to find the perfect Halloween costume — one that isn’t trying too hard, but is still witty, something timeless, something original. Whether meant for a party or simply for the routine trek between Physics and Art History, Halloween costumes seem to require a good deal of planning and thought — privileges busy ’Stoga students do not always have.

            Especially for students considering wearing a costume to school, low-maintenance and low-profile costumes may be more appealing for busy, reserved or lazy celebrators. And given the timing of the College Fair, set for the afternoon of Oct. 31, senior and junior students may want to sport more simplistic garb, saving the serious scare factor (fake blood and face makeup) for evening festivities.

            If you’re looking for a last-minute costume idea, using materials you may already have at home, check out The Spoke’s 10 quick-costume recommendations below:


  1. Athlete or Olympian

For students already involved in sports at ’Stoga, this costume is simple; you can just wear your uniform. But even if you’re not an all-star athlete, all you need to complete this signature look are a pair of basketball or athletic shorts (you could always dig out that old gym uniform), tall white socks, a pair of sneakers and a sweatband or two. To show that you’re keeping up with current events, become a Rio Olympian by adding a plastic medal around your neck or carrying around an old participation trophy.


  1. Character from “The Office”

Even though the show ended years ago, a Dunder Mifflin employee costume will always be timeless. To dress up as Pam, grab a button-down shirt, khaki skirt, pink sweater and a pair of white Keds. If you want to go the extra mile, curl your hair and carry around an old phone, so you can pretend to be a receptionist.

Dressing up as Dwight is just as easy and recognizable. A brown blazer, mustard yellow button-down, brown dress pants, loafers, grey tie and wide-frame glasses will scream Dwight at any one you greet this Halloween.

If you’re not a fan of “The Office,” you can always consider dressing up as another iconic television character. (Think Leslie Knope, one of the Simpsons, Wednesday Addams).


  1. “Scooby Doo” crew member

Shaggy, Daphne, Velma, Fred and Scooby Doo, himself, offer up a wide range of possibilities for Halloween costumes. Whether you’re dressing up with friends or flying solo, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an outfit to transform yourself into one of the meddling kids (or dog).

For Velma, an orange sweater and knee-high pair of socks, red skirt and shoes and brown glasses will complete the costume. Shaggy requires a green T-shirt, brown pants and shoes and a messy hairstyle. To be Fred, find a collared, blue T-shirt to wear under a white long-sleeved shirt, making sure to tuck the blue collar over your white shirt. Tie an orange scarf or ascot around your neck and wear a pair of jeans and brown shoes. If you’re looking to dress up as Daphne, wear a green scarf, purple dress, pink tights and shoes and a purple headband.

If you feel more like dressing up as the star of the show (Scooby), wear a brown outfit with taped-on black felt spots, a blue dog collar and carry around of a box of “Scooby Snacks.”


  1. Something Punny

If humor, rather than creepiness, is more of your thing, try a funny, pun-based costume. Popular phrases — like “pig in a blanket,” “copy cat” or “party animal”— always lend themselves to quick, easy and clever costumes. For example, to be a “party animal,” draw whiskers on your face and pin a tail to your back, while carrying around some balloons and wearing a party hat.


  1. Rosie the Riveter

For those looking to combine social commentary and Halloween fun, Rosie the Riveter is a classic last-minute get-up.  Wrap your hair in a red, polka-dot bandana, roll up the sleeves of a jean shirt or jacket and find a pair of black pants or jeans. Posing with a serious expression and flexed bicep will tell the world, “We can do it.”


  1. Spy or Secret Service Agent

To be secret service agent, simply wear a black suit, tie and dark sunglasses. To make yourself look even more professional, hold your finger up to one ear and pretend you’re listening to important intel. Being a spy for the day is equally as simple; find a tight, all-black outfit (try on a leather jacket if you own one) and several everyday objects to pose as your gadgets, like pens, lipstick or sunglasses, a brief case or a camera.


  1. Cat Lover

Ladies aren’t the only people who can be obsessed with cats — to show off just how much you love your furry felines, find several cat stuffed animals and pin them onto a bathrobe. Complete the look with slippers, a sleeping mask or any other kind of loungewear. If you’re not sure you want to stand out as much as someone wearing five to 10 cats on a bath robe, you can always just carry several stuffed cats in your arms.


  1. Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown remains timely even after Halloween, revisiting at Thanksgiving and Christmas. All you need to be the perfect pessimist is a pair of black shorts, yellow socks, brown shoes and a yellow T-shirt with a drawn-on, black zig-zag. Don’t forget to sigh, “Good grief,” and to keep a frown plastered on your face at all times.


  1. Decades

Dressing up in the style of any of the decades from the 1900s is always easy. The “true ’90s kids” can dress up in denim-on-denim outfits, overalls, plaid skirts or flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Neon leggings and leg warmers, teased hair, flashy jewelry and high-waisted jeans with tucked-in plain T-shirts will shout ’80s. Anything bell-bottom or flare will suit the ’70s and images of feuding hippie and preppy styles recall the ’60s. Your decades costume could even include the poodle-skirts and greaser jackets of the ’50s or any other iconic look from the ’40s or earlier; all it takes is a quick Google search to find the right style for you and your wardrobe.


  1. Tree-Hugger

For the environmentally conscious, dressing up as tree-hugger is a great way to multitask. Try wearing a tie-dye shirt, circular sunglasses (if you own any), flared jeans and a sweatband/headband, while carrying a cardboard “Save the Trees!” sign. To take your costume the extra mile, have a friend dress up as a tree and give them a hug. Grab a tie-dyed T-shirt, flared jeans and a cardboard “Save the Trees” sign and be the perfect tree-hugger this Halloween.

Grab a tie-dyed T-shirt, flared jeans and a cardboard "Save the Trees" sign and be the perfect tree-hugger this Halloween.

Camille Kurtz can be reached at [email protected].

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