‘Love’ is in the air: girls tennis undefeated


By Lyvia Yan, Staff Reporter

The ’Stoga varsity girls’ tennis team was sending love all around as they took on Haverford on Sept. 24. They defeated Haverford 7-0, continuing their undefeated record in the Central League.

Although almost half the team graduated in June, many new freshmen and sophomores joined the team, maintaining its reputation and competitiveness. Among the freshmen, Cassidy Landau and Ashley Griffith, filled up numbers one and two singles respectively.

“With Ashley and Cassidy our varsity stayed as strong as it was last year, if not better,” captain Julia Herman said.

Landau’s serve return game proved difficult to overcome during her match against Haverford and helped her secure the match 6-0, 6-0. Landau played extremely smart with an unpredictable mix of volleys, drives and cross-courts.

Senior Julia Herman and sophomore Amy Zhang, first doubles, took the offensive and drove hard volleys over to the opposing team. The dynamic duo crushed their opponents with a score of 6-2, 6-0.

Sophomore Nina Herman, number three singles, played on the court between her sister and number two singles, sophomore Maddie Wood. Wood often cheered on Nina Herman to propel her through the long rallies.

“We’re a really supportive team and we all watch each other’s matches and cheer for each other. We really just want the best for our teammates,” Julia Herman said.

Although her opponent put up a fight, Nina Herman pulled out the match, fueled by her supportive teammates, who all won their matches.

Not only has the team remained undefeated and beat their toughest opponent, Harriton, 4-3, but they’ve been doing it with many injured players.

“We’ve had to be juggling several of our players. I don’t think in all the years I’ve ever coached I had a player start out thinking that they had a really serious injury and it turned out not to be,” varsity Coach Tomaselli said.

The ’Stoga team faces off against Owen J Roberts on Sept. 28.