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2024 Senior Destinations Map

Information compiled by Ashley Du, Aren Framil, Howard Kim, Rajan Saha and Mary Wolters, Staff Reporter, Co-Editors-in-Chief, Staff Reporter and Design Editor

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All this content reflects information volunteered to The Spoke by the Class of 2024. Thus, it is not an exhaustive list of all seniors’ post-graduation plans.

A total of 390 seniors responded to The Spoke’s request for information about their post-graduation plans. Responses were recorded via an optional survey shared to students through Instagram. Of the 390 seniors who responded, 9 abstained. Around 297 seniors did not respond to The Spoke’s senior destinations map form.



University of Toronto (1)


Bocconi University (1)


Trinity College Dublin (1)


University of Kent (1)


University of Gronigen (1)

Other Plans

Armed Forces (1)

Eture FC, Spain (1)

Gap year (2)

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Rohan Anne
Rohan Anne, Webmaster
Rohan Anne is a junior and the Webmaster of The Spoke. He has been managing the website for the last two years. He enjoys covering local news that effects the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District and Conestoga High School community, along with local events that are important to the district. Outside of journalism, he enjoys playing ping pong, teaching about artificial intelligence and technology through the AI Club, and building and programming robots in the Conestoga Robotics Club.
Ashley Du
Ashley Du, Staff Reporter
Ashley Du is a freshman and a Staff Reporter for The Spoke. She likes to write for the T/E Life and Sports sections. Outside of The Spoke, she swims for the Malvern Swimming Association and plays violin.
Aren Framil
Aren Framil, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Aren Framil is a junior and the Co-News Editor of The Spoke. He has previously served as a Design Editor and has a passion for visual design and graphics. He covers community events and enjoys investigative reporting on topics such as social justice. Outside of The Spoke, he is classically trained in Western opera and sings in soprano for PhilHarmonia, a choir in Philadelphia. He leads Conestoga's Graphic Design Club, and hopes to make a career in visual design.
Howard Kim
Howard Kim, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Howard Kim is a junior and the Co-News Editor of The Spoke. Last year, he served as a Co-Sports Editor. He likes to cover local government and sports-related stories. Outside of the newspaper, he enjoys going on rollercoasters and watching Christopher Nolan movies.
Rajan Saha
Rajan Saha, Staff Reporter
Rajan Saha is a freshman and Staff Reporter for The Spoke. He covers sports in school. Outside of the newsroom, he has been playing guitar for the past eight years. He also plays soccer as a right wing for FC Europa and participates in DECA, working on the written business startup plan.
Mary Wolters
Mary Wolters, Design Editor
Mary Wolters is a sophomore and serves as a Staff Reporter and cartoonist for The Spoke. She mainly writes for T/E Life, but works in the News section as well. Outside of The Spoke, she runs Conestoga’s Creative Writing Club and creates pieces for the school's literary magazine.