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Meet Mr. S: The tutor who supports students at Conestoga

Eva Kennedy

By Eva Kennedy, Social Media Editor

Stephen Sokolowski, known to students as Mr. S, is more than just a writing aide at Conestoga. Over the course of three years, he believes he has integrated himself into the school community through his commitment to assisting students in various subjects and through the college application process. Sokolowski has earned a reputation from students as a versatile tutor who provides thorough assistance.

“He will go outside of his normal comfort zone and keep expanding on what he’s helping people with,” said senior Sachin Blake, who first met Sokolowski for help on his college essay. “I think at the end of the day, all he wants to do is help students with whatever they need help with.”

As a writing aid, Sokolowski assists students not only with crafting compelling essays for classes or college but also with history, government and French assignments, describing himself as a “multipurpose tutor.” Sokolowski said that his favorite aspect of his job is its variety, and he finds fulfillment in the diversity of experiences he encounters.

“I love the variety of stuff I get to work with. I may be doing college interview prep with one student, and then the next time I’m doing an essay or helping students study the French Revolution. So, I am all over the place all day, (but) I enjoy what I do,” Sokolowski said.

Outside of tutoring, Sokolowski enjoys reading modernist books, as well as playing video games and watching anime. He also likes to watch movies, especially foreign films that give him a glimpse into other cultures.

“In college, I was a huge film buff, but not only for American films. I used to have a hobby where every week (I went to) a huge movie library at Temple University, I would not be allowed to choose the same movie twice in the same month, so I’d have to choose a movie from a different country every week,” Sokolowski said.

In his interactions with students, Sokolowski said that he prioritizes fostering a supportive environment that encourages creativity and exploration. He emphasizes understanding over judgment, with the idea of providing constructive feedback without the pressure of grades.

“I’m not here to grade you,” Sokolowski said. “You can bring me anything, and you have to understand (that) you’re not getting a failing or passing grade from me. I’m literally just giving you advice and necessary criticism.”

In the process of helping students, Sokolowski finds inspiration in students’ determination, particularly when helping them navigate the college application process.

“I’m inspired on a daily basis by the bravery, courage and motivation of the students,” Sokolowski said. “The amount of hardship I read about, and perseverance to achieve success after going through so much is truly inspiring.”

As he continues to tutor  Conestoga students, Sokolowski looks toward the future with optimism and determination. His ultimate goal is to pursue a teaching career.

“I would like to eventually go into teaching within the English department, as much as I do have a passion for history and government,” Sokolowski said. “But that is something I am still working on. So in the meantime, I’m here for at least a little bit longer to continue to help you guys move forward in life.”

Eva Kennedy can be reached at [email protected].

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