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Girls’ rugby team plans spring break trip to Spain

Rowan Chetty

By Sadie Chronister, Staff Reporter

The girls’ rugby team will travel abroad for the first time in program history this spring break. The team will compete against new opponents, meet the Spanish Women’s National Rugby Union Team and continue to strengthen teammates’ bonds through team activities.

The girls will play two matches while continuing to train in between. When not on the pitch, they will tour Spain, visit beaches and see local architecture. Head coach Brittany Vegso began coaching the team in spring 2021 and looks forward to spending the week with her team and exploring the country.

“It gives us the opportunity to play two new teams that we don’t usually play against and just experience a different style of rugby,” Vegso said.

The team will practice weekly until they leave. Senior and co-captain Elsa Burgo continues to review the basics of rugby to help new teammates.

“We’re doing a little bit more intro rugby at the beginning just to catch all the new players up — more than we would usually do. And then at the end of each practice we do little mini games just to get people ready because we only have one game before we go to Spain,” Burgo said.

Burgo appreciates the camaraderie of the opposing players off the field. She  said that the teams do not stay competitive once the match is over. Instead, they enjoy a meal together.

“I am really excited to play the teams in Spain because we have never played teams like them before, and we are going to have dinners with them after. So we are going to get to talk to high schoolers from other countries, which I think will be really cool,” Burgo said.

Senior and co-captain Sanaya Irani said that she never expected to have an opportunity like this.

“This trip is important to me because personally I’m excited to see the girls’ rugby program grow,” Irani said. “It took a hit during COVID, but it’s been growing and growing ever since. So hearing that the girls are going to Spain is just a big thing that I never thought we could achieve.”

Vegso enjoys watching new players fall in love with the game and pick up something they enjoy. She hopes to see her team take advantage of playing together during the trip.

“My goal is not necessarily to win but more so to really get on the field and find that rhythm together as a team,” Vegso said. “Spending a whole week together is incredible team building.”

Sadie Chronister can be reached at [email protected].

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Sadie Chronister, Staff Reporter
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