Day 3: Three gift wrapping ideas


By Meagan O’Rourke, Co-Convergence Editor
Have you watched “Chopped”? It’s all about presentation. Well, this holiday season, it’s all about PRESENTation. To get your gifts looking dressed for the occasion, here are some wrapping ideas that even the most non-Pinteresty people can master.
Gift One: The Rustic Look
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Not only is this idea personalized, but it is eco-friendly too. Grab newspaper scraps, or even old maps or magazines, a paper bag, some pine needles or holly and give this to a loved one!
Gift Two: Modern Mix and Match
When you are running low on pretty patterned wrapping paper but you have solid paper (either wrapping paper or even construction paper), this is the way to go. Get the most out of your favorite snowflake wrapping paper by pairing it with a solid that picks up the accent color. Don’t be stingy with ribbon, and ta-da! Your frugality looks like creativity.
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Gift Three: For People Who Can’t Wrap Presents
Okay, so maybe making perfectly creased edges is not your thing. Don’t worry, all you have to do is Kiss your gift…Hershey Kiss it! All you need is tin foil, tissue paper and a piece of scrap paper. This sweet gift wrapping method works best with small items, but you can turn practically anything into a Hershey Kiss.
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Happy wrapping!
Meagan O’Rourke can be reached at [email protected].