Teacher Feature: Brooke Eidell


By Maddie Pulliam, Staff Reporter

Biology and environmental science enthusiast Brooke Eidell spreads her knowledge of both subjects to students at Conestoga. She teaches AP Biology to freshmen as well as accelerated environmental science to the other grades.

Eidell attended Pennsylvania State University and earned her undergraduate degree in both biology and chemistry. She furthered her education at both Kutztown University and University of Pennsylvania. She began her teaching career at Conestoga 21 years ago and has taught not only biology and environmental science, but also genetics in the past.

“I like teaching high school kids because (high school work is) content driven. They’re learning science at a higher level,” Eidell said.

As well as being a science teacher, Eidell also spends a lot of her time as the junior class adviser for the Student Council. According to Eidell, she loves to see her incredibly talented former students in a completely different light during the Junior Cabaret, a talent show to raise money for junior prom.

“I see (former students) out in a creative space as opposed to an academic space, and even the students that I do not know and have not taught, I get to see so much talent. It always makes me so jealous of how talented everyone is here,” Eidell said.

With the responsibility of junior class adviser comes not only planning the Junior Cabaret but also organizing junior prom, which she believes to be an especially time-consuming task. Eidell organizes the location of prom as well as many other aspects while advising the junior students.

“I would say it is the first real formal dance that ’Stoga students have. It’s a lot of work, but the night is always really fun,” Eidell said.

Along with teaching, Eidell loves to spend time with her nieces. Her nieces are 10 and 4 years old, and they enjoy the same activities as Eidell, such as hiking, listening to music and being outside.

“They are (at) really cool ages. Actually no matter what age they are, they are really fun to be around. They like to do the same things I like to do,” Eidell said.

Eidell also enjoys travelling. She has visited many European countries, including England, Italy, Amsterdam, France, Ireland and Iceland.

“I will travel anywhere. I will go anywhere with anybody. My favorite places (that) I’ve been (to) are in Europe, but my favorite place I’ve ever gone (to) was Iceland which was pretty cool,” Eidell said.

With her involvement as an AP Biology teacher, the junior class adviser and an environmental science teacher, Eidell continues to push students to pursue science in their careers in the future.

“It’s exciting to see (students) work their brains and understand concepts that are challenging,” Eidell said. “They (the students) are also fun because they are at an age where (we) can joke around together, (which is why) it is always fun coming to work.”

Maddie Pulliam can be reached at [email protected].