The SPORK: Malvern Buttery


By Abby Bagby, Co-Managing Editor

Located in the heart of the borough, the industrially-designed Malvern Buttery provides fresh dishes and pastries, as well as a lively atmosphere, to a bustling crowd.

With a rotating menu, the restaurant offers an array of selections served cafeteria-style, with pastries, sandwiches, salads and quiches lining the restaurant’s countertop. Customers make their selections and payment at the countertop in a relatively quick process considering the busy atmosphere. Customers can order coffee from a multitude of drink types and flavors, in addition to a variety of juices and teas.

The morning bun consisted of a fresh dough base, coated in cinnamon and sugar. A hint of apple flavor gave the dough a subtle, sweet variation. A crisp, golden-brown outside surrounded the soft, fluffy center. A simple flavor combination was well-executed, providing a nice addition to a morning cup of coffee.

Malvern Buttery’s crumb cake was a delicious take on this classic breakfast sweet. The cake offered simple vanilla flavor, which was not overpowered by the cinnamon of the crumb topping. The buttery notes of the topping gave a rich, velvety texture and were a valuable element of the dish. Additionally, the ratio of cake to topping was properly balanced. A dusting of powdered sugar topped the dish, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The restaurant put a unique twist on a traditional breakfast dish with its corn and chorizo quiche. A soft, flavorful egg base was encased in a flaky, savory pie dough. The additions of corn and chorizo complemented each other well: the chorizo added a kick of flavor and spice while the corn provided notes of sweetness. Cheese and onion further added to the variety of flavors and textures within the dish. The quiche was certainly a standout selection of the morning.

With its numerous, freshly-made dishes, Malvern Buttery is a great spot for your next breakfast or lunch endeavor. Its high-quality, well-portioned servings are sure to satisfy anyone’s morning or midday cravings.

Abby Bagby can be reached at [email protected].