Berwyn Farmers’ Market sees successful launch


By Aashita Singh, Staff Reporter

Families rush toward the live music, charities and gourmet food stalls on a warm Sunday at the ultimate family-friendly shopping experience for all: the Berwyn Farmers’ Market.

The Berwyn Farmers’ Market features different vendors selling products, largely food and art, made by local chefs and artists. The market gives vendors an opportunity to start their own businesses.The event’s first opening was on May 7 and will continue every Sunday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. until October through its host organization, Culinary Harvest, an online farmers’ market. The co-owner, Carlos Luciano, was pleased with the opening of the Berwyn Farmers’ Market, as he felt it gained more attention than expected.

“I was choked up when we opened last week, when I saw a mob of people come to our market,” Luciano said. “Six whole months of planning was definitely worth it.”

Luciano feels that the communnity needs to pay more attention to small businesses in Berwyn. He hopes that the Berwyn Farmers’ Market will play a part in directing attention to small businesses.

“I’ve always been passionate about local producers and their culinary art, and I’ve always rather supported them than a larger company or larger chain organization,” Luciano said.

A variety of vendors from small businesses plan to sell their products at the market. Chrissy Piombino-Bennet, owner of StudioFlora, a business selling pottery made by various local artists in Berwyn, believes the market can help small businesses flourish.

“There’s so many small businesses in Berwyn, and I believe Culinary Harvest has done a great job of supporting those businesses and bringing people together,” Piombino-Bennet said.

Many locals attended the opening of the Berwyn Farmers’ Market on May 7 and emphasized their joy at the results. Attendee Steve Arsenault, who is planning to become a vendor in September, explained that he will continue attending.

“I would like to visit the market again. It’s a great community resource,” Arsenault said. “My wife and I went there as visitors last weekend, and we bought apples, strawberries and egg rolls from the businesses that were delicious.”

The Berwyn Farmers’ Market is expected to stay every Sunday until fall in order to continue as a consistent summer event. Luciano believes that the market will continue for a couple of years.

“We are locked in for October, and we’ve made a commitment to host the market for at least three years,” Luciano said. “I’m confident in our commitment. I think this area was a zone that needed a farmers’ market, a curation of local producers to help the community.”

Aashita Singh can be reached at [email protected].