Bright future: Freshmen join varsity lacrosse teams


By Alexa Willrich, Staff Reporter

This year, as head lacrosse coaches Amy Orcutt and Brody Bush sent out team placement emails at the end of tryouts, an invitation to play on their respective varsity teams landed in the inbox of five highly skilled freshmen.

Gunnar Flesher was the only freshman male to make varsity full time. Freshman Colin Chorin also made the team but is unable to play due to an injury during the preseason. On the girls’ side, freshmen Carolyn Jones, Lauren Grimes and Sofia Calvitti all made Conestoga’s girls’ varsity lacrosse team full time. Flesher plays defense for the team while Chorin is the team manager. For the girls’ team, Jones is an attacker; Grimes plays midfield; and Calvitti is a defender. 

“I love how creative it is. And it’s not black and white. There’s a lot of creativity to what you can do,” Jones said.

The tryout process for both teams was held over three days afterschool for two hours. The coaches evaluated the players’ stick skills, game understanding, athleticism and more through various drills and scrimmages. 

 “I think what made me stand out was my communication and my overall experience with the sport,” Flesher said

Normally, 80-120 players tryout for the lacrosse teams with only around 20-30 players making the team. This makes it a large accomplishment to be one of the select few chosen for the team especially as a freshman. Both varsity teams practice everyday after school with games on weekdays and weekends. Many of the freshmen also play for club teams year round like Team Ten adding extra practices, games and tournaments to their schedules.

“It’s not easy to make varsity, especially in this program. I have girls on JV, who would be starting on varsity for many other teams. So, it just shows that they are excellent lacrosse players and hard workers”, Orcutt said.

As some of the only freshmen on varsity lacrosse, the freshmen have to seek assistance from upperclassmen when learning how to adapt to the team’s customs and playing style. The coaches help to ease the transition by encouraging upperclassmen to include the freshmen, as well as having the kids participate in a variety of team-bonding activities. 

“I think it’s team bonding and getting to meet people that you wouldn’t know outside of the sport,” Flesher responded when asked what his favorite part of lacrosse is.

Boys’ varsity coach, Brody Bush, values consistency, someone who he can rely on when he puts them on the field. Both coaches believe all of the freshmen should be able to get a good amount of playing time in games — giving them a chance to improve with the team. 

“That’s what I saw on all three of those girls. They aren’t afraid to play with the upperclassmen on varsity,” Orcutt said.

Alexa Willrich can be reached at [email protected].