Cakeposer: feature on Paoli’s newest bakery


By Prashi Agarwal, Staff Reporter

A warm and lively environment filled with aesthetic and delicious cakes, boba teas and more is the perfect place to get a quick drink, order a cake for a party or study with a group of friends.

Freshman Zara Baig visited Cakeposer, the new local confectionery place, a few days after it opened and has been going back to it every week.

“I feel like (Cakeposer) is more of a lively space. There’s a lot more natural light, which I like, and it helps me usually when I go to study there,” Baig said.

Cakeposer opened on Jan. 14, 2023 and has been thriving ever since. The founder and owner of the bakery, Ming Liu, started his culinary journey seven years ago in Philadelphia,along with his wife Shelly Huang, when they had an online ordering service. Now with an in-person shop in a suburban area, everything operates differently.

“We are brand new in this area, and honestly, I know that people need more time to get used to this kind of stuff,” Liu said. “In the city, (when) you see a store, (you) stop by and it’s very easy. But here, it’s more of a traditional lifestyle. I would say people need more time, and we just try our best to do our best to let the community know about us.”

Cakeposer’s goal has always been to bake healthy but delightful goodies to satisfy young children.

“We love dessert, and we want our kids to eat healthy, so basically our product is French-inspired, Asian-style mixed. Our baking philosophy is to create a healthy, light texture, low in sugar and  delightful dessert,” Liu said.

The bakery offers various types of cakes, as well as teas, coffees, boba, macaroons, mochi and many other confections. The most popular confection at Cakeposer is the salted caramel almond cream cake.

“We have a lot of best-selling recipes, but I would say our top is the sea salt caramel cake, which is our signature. A lot of people order a birthday cake in that flavor,” Liu said. 

Baig usually orders a fruit tea and a blueberry box cake when she goes to Cakeposer. 

“I first ordered the blueberry box cake when I stopped by at Cakeposer, and I thought it was really good. My favorite drink is probably the fruit tea, which combines a lot of rich flavors of fruits that I think fuse well together,” Baig said.

Liu works very hard every day to make sure all the products are fresh when customers come in. Cakeposer opens at 12 p.m., which some may consider late, but Liu explains that they have to prepare all the confectionaries beforehand, which can be time-consuming.

 “The ingredients we use are the premium ones, and we just try to maintain the best quality,” Liu said. “In other words, the customer will get what they pay for.”