An open letter to writer’s block


By Mareska Chettiar, Staff Reporter

Dear Writer’s Block

You have struck once again. I am left dumbfounded, speechless and tonguetied at your sudden visit. Words have escaped me, and you have now made arduous work almost impossible. I am left barely afloat in a sea of deadlines, with no inspiration or motivation to save me from drowning

I now erase more than I write and delete more than I create. It’s impossible for me to find satisfaction in my work. And while the deadlines remain a constant, looming apocalypse, I stay hiding in my shelter, trapped by you, trying to survive

It’s a desperate situation, but I can make do. A passing grade doesn’t always require my best workbut with you, it’s nearly impossible to do any work at all. My mind mimics radio static, a stagnant void without inspiration. Why must you do this to me? Why can’t you just leave me be

I try to get rid of you every day. I listen to music, look at mountains and even stare at a blank wall. Nothing seems to work. Words remain stuck or unsatisfactory. My ToDo list grows and so does my anxiety. (Finally, I decide enough is enough

So, I turn to the experts. Famed authors say I should leave my work aside for a few days and come back, to have a fresh mindset. How I wish I were a retired author! Alas, my deadlines are too pressing for me to write at leisure. After looking further, another expert says I should just write when I’m inspired instead of forcing myself. Yet again, I am faced with a time constraint Someone contradicts the former, saying I should just write, even if it’s plain gibberish! How do you have people running in circles around each other

As the dwindling word count stares at me, I am met with another perspective. And this one claims that you do not exist! You are just a making of my mind, an enemy of my creation! As much as I would like to agree and throw you out of my lifeyou are too prevalent. Every time I try writing, you sit there confidently, blocking my way. How can you not exist when every sentence collapses in on itself and grammar suddenly seems like rocket science? Your existence is undeniable

But now, I have faced a revelation: you cannot be avoided. Everyone must go through a dry spell, void of inspiration, at some point in their lives. I have learned to live around your demands and still be able to my work, by simply doing itartistry aside (that one author was right!). And someday, I hope you and I can come to an agreement so you can leave me alone for the important bits, but annoy me occasionally


A tired highschool student 

Mareska Chettiar can be reached at [email protected]