Conestoga beats Strath Haven 44-37


Photos and Brief by Jui Bhatia, Managing Editor, and Tanisha Agrawal, Staff Reporter

The Conestoga boys’ basketball team hosted a game against Strath Haven High School on Saturday, Jan. 7 where they won 44-37. The cheerleaders were present with high enthusiasm, leaving the spectators awe-struck with their performances. 

The boys opened up with a strong lead of 5-0, ending the first quarter 11-8, and extended that lead to 28-23 by halftime. Before halftime, Stoga scored seven three-pointers, two of which were scored within one minute of each other. 

Through the second half, Pioneers scored more than seven 3-pointers. Strath Haven started coming back, making the point difference very narrow, but the Pioneers were able to hold them off, eventually winning 44-37.

Check out some photos from the game below.

Boys Basketball 1/7

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