Stoga beats Upper Darby in electrifying fashion


Photos and Brief by Howard Kim and George Zhang, Co-Sports Editor and Photography Editor

The Conestoga boys basketball team played Upper Darby on Thursday Dec. 22, where they won 70-66. 

The boys started off the game hot, hitting multiple threes and scoring many layups in the paint, and eventually ended the first quarter with the lead. Upper Darby was able to respond with some thrilling plays, including an alley-oop dunk that shook the backboard. However, consistent team play by ’Stoga resulted in the boys maintaining their advantage on the scoreboard throughout the entire first half.

Upper Darby began to come back in the third quarter, and eventually took the lead in the fourth. The game came down to a nail biting final three minutes, but Conestoga was able to regain the lead, eventually winning the game.

Check out some photos from the game below.

Boys Basketball 12/23


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