Day 10: Editorial Board Gift Reccomendations


By Aren Framil, Jeffrey Heng, Shrija Krishnan, and Lexi Lin, Co-Design Editor and Staff Reporters

Ben Shapiro – News Editor

A pair of socks

“Who doesn’t need a pair of socks? Everyone needs socks.”

Shreya Vaidhyanathan – Opinion Editor

Prompt Journal

“For a grandparent or a parent, there are these journals called ‘my father’s life’ or ‘my mother’s life’ and it gives your parent a bunch of prompts and the person gets to fill it out and give it back. So it would be like, ‘tell me a story about your time in high school’ and then my dad would fill it out and then he would give it back to me.”

Jui Bhatia – Managing Editor

Your favorite book

“I really like reading people’s favorite books. It tells me a lot about them; who they are as a person and what kind of taste they have in books.”

Soumya Sathyanarayana – Webmaster 

Ugly Christmas sweater

“If it’s someone you know and like, a nice Christmas themed ugly sweater.”

Raima Saha – Co-Design Editor

Depends on age

“Honestly it depends on person to person. You should definitely take in to consideration when you’re looking for gifts for a certain age group so that you’re not giving them something that they wouldn’t want or appreciate, and that’s how you get the most out of your gift. 

Abby Bagby – T/E Life Editor

Scented candles

“So I would recommend scented candles for this year’s holiday season. I think as long as the person doesn’t have asthma or something that would prevent them from enjoying a scented candle. I think that’s like something that is universally loved, you know? Like who doesn’t like a winter holiday themed candle or a sugar and spice candle. Like, come on, I mean that’s like what holiday season’s all about, guys. So I think that would be my gift recommendation. It’s always a safe choice.”

Maya Shah – Beats Editor


“I would recommend giving people books because everyone likes books, and you can find books that suit different people, so there’s a book for everyone.”

Hiba Samdani – Co-Editor in Chief

Fuzzy socks

“I think a good gift would be some fuzzy socks because they keep you warm and some of them are very cute, and you can give them to your friends to wear.”

Zara Samdani – Copy Editor 

Pens and Pencils

“I guess I’d recommend maybe like a lot of different pens, like colored pens and pencils, it would just be cool to have a bunch of different colored supplies.”

Howard Kim – Co-Sports Editor

AirPods Pro

“(They) cancel out the noise of the world and chilling your favorite music

Rohan Anne – Co-Webmastser

New Activity

“So for the holidays, my gift recommendation is a new activity for them to try. Because I think the best thing you can give someone is an activity they can do for like a long time. Like say they don’t know how to play soccer, give them a soccer ball. If they don’t know how to knit, give them some knitting supplies or something like that. Something that will that will like allow them to do something for a long time instead of just them saying, Wow, and then put this to the side. They would use it for a long time. So I think that’s the best gift you can give them for the holidays.

Evan Lu – Co-Editor in Chief

Mechanical Pencils

“There’s nothing like a good mechanical pencil. Because actually, you know, a good mechanical pencil is like a thing of beauty. It’s like ever lasting. Environmentally friendly. You can always replace the lead. Ideally get the 0.7 size lead because if you don’t like you’re honestly just weird. And I would recommend the Pentel twist, erase 0.7. It’s a thing of, especially the Pentel ones that come in any color you want. And you’ll cherish it for life and you’ll really develop an emotional bond as you and your pencil together. You struggled with tests, homework, and everything else that you have to go through in life. So like always, at the end of the day, even when everyone else leaves you, your mechanical pencil is always by your side.

Hannah Simon – C0-Sports Editor

Utensils (notebook, pens, markers)

“Yeah, I would recommend purchasing a notebook and gel pens or markers or some sort of fun pen for anyone you have. I think like, no matter who the person is your mom, dad siblings, friends I think it just like an overall really solid gift even if they’re not like super creative or fun to writing. I think it’s so helpful to take notes with and it’s just really versatile and anyone can use it. I feel like anyone can appreciate it and make it their own.

Aren Framil – Co-Design Editor

“My gift recommendation is a notebook and pen, because you can never be too studious and express creativity.”

Grace Kuryan – Multimedia Editor

“I would recommend jewelry because most of my friends would want jewelry, and I enjoy it too.”

George Zhang – Photography Editor

“I would recommend a portable charger or speaker because a lot of people seem to want them but they don’t have them and they’re both really useful.”

Akshita Joshi – Social Media Editor

“My gift recommendation is a gift box with some of the person’s favorite things; it might be small things, but cumulatively has a bigger meaning and means something to the person.

Michael Tierney – Business Manager

“My holiday gift recommendation is a reimbursement form because it’s the best one in the business office.”