Winning in white: Football team wins Homecoming game


Photos by Ben Shapiro, Lily Chen, Ryan Ding, Lizzie Sun and Faith Zantua, News Editor and Staff Reporters

Brief by Ben Shapiro, News Editor  

Within the first two minutes of the Homecoming football game, both Conestoga and Marple Newtown jumped right in, scoring a touchdown each. By the end of the first quarter, the Pioneers took the lead 14-7 and brought it up to 21-14 by halftime.   

After a performance from Conestoga’s Marching Pioneer Band, the boys scored one more touchdown, bringing the final score to 28-27: a nailbiting finish. Senior Peter Costigan was the MVP of the night, scoring three of the team’s four touchdowns.  

Check out some pictures from the game below!  

Homecoming Football 9/23

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